Setting up a Wireless Network at home

Well....this post is not actually about setting up a Wifi network, but it is about how much trouble I am currently having with my connection. Here are the details:

Linksys wireless router
2 Dell PCs :
1 connected to the router by ethernet cable
the other a wireless USB adapter, also by Linksys

Of course, the PC connecte by cable is working (or Iwould not be typing this post)...
The 2nd PC has been offline for a few months....I installed the USB wireless driver, configured a WPA2 Personal connection (more on connection types later)

The wireless adapter connects to the router OK....but 5 seconds later....the connection drops. That is what has been happening now for the past 4 hours!!!!

I got tired of playing with it so I will try again tomorrow....oh well, that is why I love the IT field...its always interesting and exciting!


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