Do you still use Microsoft Office?

There are many versions of Microsoft Office that date back to the old times. I just posted a new poll to see which version people are currently using. And although I love Microsoft products...I don't like how much they cost. There are some Office suites out there that are in fact free....yes, I said free!!! is probably the most widely known in the world of office suites. It is compatible with most other suites and is free to use and distribute.

Another free program is one by IBM called Lotus Symphony. I have not used this yet....but I am going to try it out since it is free.

So why pay $300 for an office suite? Whether we like it or not...people will still help Bill Gates be the 2ND richest man in the world because most of us fear change. Word, Excel, PowerPoint....these applications are so familiar to us, why change? Well, now that there are options to choose from......think about it before you purchase your next computer.


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