Studying again for Cisco CCNA

A few years ago...I took some semesters (actually 6 semesters) of the Cisco Network Academy at Seminole Community College. The first 4 semesters are for the CCNA (or Cisco Certified Network Associate) course. I finished all 4 and did very well so I decided to take the CCNA certification test right away before I forgot everything. I missed the passing mark by only 2 questions.....oh well.

Now....roughly 5 years later, I am thinking about re-taking the test. Yeah, I know, the test format has changed and it will probably be must harder too. But you know what? I love technology and I love challenges so bring it on!

To study, I will probably use the Cisco routing lab tool called Packet Tracer that is available to all Cisco Academy students & Alumni. This tool is a full blown lab simulator and I'd said just by using it for the past few days, you can do about 98 % of the router/switch commands that are available on real devices. Of course I will have to "attempt" to memorize lots of test topics as well. One in particular is ACLs or Access-lists. They do exactly what you think they do....let access in or out.

Stay tuned for more Cisco talk...


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