If you can fix it yourself, why not?

Today I had the lovely experience of replacing a system board for a Toshiba M200 Portege tablet PC....it was not pretty.....but I got it done. First time I've ever replaced one on a Toshiba. Replacing parts on a laptop/tablet can be very difficult if you are not careful. The system board part cost was $285 which was paid for by the client.

Funny thing.....that was not even the problem........

After replacing the system board, which by the way took 3 hours, the original issue was still present: No power LEDs were working.

Luckily, we had a couple of other M200s available so I removed the keyboard from one of the others and guess what.....there is a little cable that runs from one side of the system board straight to the LED module. Of course, this cable was MISSING on the one I was attempting to repair. So I "borrowed" the cable from the spare Toshiba for now.

My very long day is over now.....another issue solved.


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