Upgrading VS Purchasing a new PC

Often I get asked the question, "Should I upgrade my computer or just buy a new one?" The answer, in my opinion, depends on a few different factors. Here are some of the questions I ask customers who are looking to upgrade/purchase:

1) How old is your current PC?
2) Is it a laptop or desktop?
3) Why do you think you need to upgrade?
4) How much are you willing to spend?

Now, I'll start with the last question because everything comes down to the money anyway. If someone has a PC older than 5 yrs....its definitely time to purchase a new one. The technology has changed so much in 5 yrs that it would just make sense to buy instead of attempting to upgrade the current PC. Actually, a 5 yr old PC make cost more to upgrade due to the fact that some of the parts needed (IE...more RAM, video card upgrade, bigger hard drive) are being sold less and less for older PCs so the cost goes up.

If a laptop is needed, its usually because someone is going to school/college and would like the portability factor. Also, its safe to say that most new laptops have built-in Wi-Fi (wireless) connections so they can basically get online anywhere they go. Most places like Starbucks and McDonald's now have Wi-Fi Hotspots inside their locations. A laptop is beneficial if you will be traveling for a job or business.

As for a new desktop PC, there are plenty of options. The top PC brands all have great deals so its just a matter of who can give you the most for the best price. If price is an issue, stay with Dell, HP or Gateway. If not, there is Sony and Toshiba. As for who is the best...well, I can't really say....(but I have 2 Dells that have never had an issue and 1 is 5 yrs old now)

So there you have it, a brief answer to the upgrade/purchase question. Any comments?


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