IE7 slow to open

I finally figured out why IE7 has been opening slow for the past few weeks. At first, I blamed it on the fact that I have a totally wireless connection now on my desktop due to my current living situation. But that was not the problem. Then I decided to search Google for answers to IE7 slowness and I discovered some discussions but none related to me. So, I decided to add another hard drive to my PC with Vista preloaded on it to see if IE7 was still slow. And of course, it opened within 2 seconds (unlike the 17 second delay I had been experiencing).

side note: Firefox was slow as well.

The only difference besides the fact that this was a bare bones Windows Vista setup is that I did not have an Anti-virus program installed yet. Up until now, I had been using Computer Associates Internet Suite (free from Brighthouse). I had a stripped down version of only the Virus protection since Windows Defender is enabled by default on Vista. I decided to install the free version of AVG for Virus protection. Guess what....IE7 still opened within 2 seconds!

I guess I must have never noticed the slowdown or it just started. Maybe from the latest updates from Computer Associates. Anyway....AVG is now my virus protection software of choice for Windows Vista.


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Anonymous said...
August 5, 2008 at 1:08 PM

You left a comment on tech support forum a couple months ago about RR lite. Are you still using it and are you happy with it? I'd also be curious to know what part of the USA your in? Sorry for commenting here but you don't make it very easy to make contact. A link on your page would be nice. Any way you can email me at billlh at



Ray Chase said...
August 6, 2008 at 6:23 PM

Hey Bill...
Sorry you could not get a hold me better...but isn't that the point of comments? I do not remember exactly what I posted in the forum but RR Lite is basically the same as RR, except $20 cheaper! The speed was technically slower but I did not notice the slowdown at all. I am using it right now and it seems just as fast as my office connection with is a T-3 connection. I hope this answers your question.

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