WhoCrashed tool diagnoses BSOD

During a recent Blue Screen of Death, (a.k.a BSOD), I was doing some research in Google when I came across a repair tool called WhoCrashed. When a system crashes, it leaves behind something called a “crash dump” usually in the form of a BSOD, (which means Blue Screen of Death). This crash dump contains information about what happened and in order to read it on a system you need to download and install Microsoft's debugging tools, its dependencies called “symbols” and run some commands. WhoCrashed is designed to read the crash dump files with a single click. Just open it, press “Analyze” and it will tell you what driver/hardware caused the BSOD.While it wont tell you exactly what happened, it lists a hardware error message or a driver file that failed which you can Google and find the cause of the BSOD.

Download from Official Site -716kb

More information: Resplendence.com
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