Windows 7: Build 7048 is here

Windows 7, build 7048, which incorporates many noticeable changes since the previous versions especially when compared to the public beta build 7000 has already been leaked online. I honestly think Microsoft "lets" this happen on purpose so they can get beta testers trying it out faster.

Build 7048 was said by some sources to be the Release Candidate build, which is currently scheduled for sometime in April. So we could possibly be seeing the Release Candidate for Windows 7 if you can get your hands on one but you will have to get it from one of the popular torrents.

Perhaps the most notable change of all is the ability to uninstall and exclude Windows staples such as Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Search, Handwriting Recognition, Windows Gadget Platform, Fax and Scan, XPS Viewer, and yes, Internet Explorer 8. Without Internet Explorer 8 installed, users will have to install some other browser for any hopes of accessing the World Wide Web.

Even so, build 7048 looks to be as close to a Release Candidate as Microsoft can get. Any more changes and they'll have to change the name again. What are your thoughts about this release?


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