Publisher 2007 hotfix now available

As promised, Microsoft finally released the Publisher 2007 hotfix. The fix is due to an issue that Microsoft actually "broke" while releasing Office 2007 SP2. In my opinion, this issue should have been fixed sooner but Microsoft would rather you uninstall SP2 while waiting for them to work out the details with the hotfix. Why would you want to uninstall a Service Pack, which is usually includes security updates? By doing so, we (the Office 2007 users) could potentially corrupt our PCs or make them vulnerable for attack because of an issue that Microsoft themselves caused in the first place? I know, they have to cover themselves, but at least they could have acknowledged the fact that there was an issue.

Anyway, enough ranting... here is the link to the hofix: Publisher 2007 hotfix.

Are you tired of issues like this? There are free office suites out there. Check them out if you are not happy with Microsoft Office.
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