What to do When Your Favorite Malware Tools Fail

Try another one! Recently, I ran into some hardcore malware that was undetectable when I used my normal favorite two removal tools: Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. Mostly, I run into this problem with root-kit malware that is apparently undetectable at times.

But then there is program called Hitman Pro 3.5 that I discovered recently which, no joke, found the root-kit within seconds of being launched. I sat there for 30-40 minutes with the other tools and they found nothing. Hitman pro 3.5 found the malware within seconds!!! I rebooted the device and problem was solved.

What I like about Hitman Pro is that there is an install option that allows you to just run it once. Since it is a free application (there is a paid version), running it once keeps you legal if you need to run it on multiple PCs for a business or company that will not spend money for a corporate license.

So the next time, you think you are out of options, get a second opinion from Hitman Pro.

Still Using Windows XP?

Why? Ok, I guess I know the answer that most of you will give:

"It's stable."
"All my drivers are available."
"Windows XP has been around for so long, I trust it."

Ok, while those are valid and honest answers....the first two answers apply to Windows 7 also. The third will eventually apply, but why not take a leap of faith? The worst that can happen is that you put Windows XP back on your system and go back to a boring PC experience. Or you can get up to the 21 century by upgrading to Windows 7. Let me explain to you why I think it is a great idea to upgrade your PC to Windows 7, even if it is almost 3 yrs old or older.

I experienced a flawless
Windows 7 upgrade back in February of this year. And when I mean flawless, I mean nothing went wrong, nothing was missing. Everything just worked. Now, I did do an upgrade from Windows Vista, but even if you have Windows XP, you can still install Windows 7, you would just need to back up your data first and then install a fresh copy because there is no upgrade path from XP to Windows 7. I applaud Microsoft for this decision.....it would be like upgrading from a bike with training wheels to dirt bike....they are not the same.

Anyway...since February, my Windows 7 PC has not crashed, bluescreened or locked up at all. I can not say that for when it was Vista. And even though Vista did not crash as much as XP did and still does for people, it was extremely slow and a huge memory hog. Windows 7 is not like that, at least for me. My 3 yr old PC feels like I just purchased it from Dell again.....6 months later....still feels like that.

Look, I know not everyone will be able to upgrade to a new OS without buying some more RAM or maybe a new video card but most likely it will still come out cheaper to do a custom upgrade than to purchase a brand new PC or laptop right now. Check out some prices and see if it will benefit you.

Website Promotion leads to traffic increase

Hey everyone....
Ok, I promise to get back to some real tech articles soon. I just have to write this article about promoting your blog or website. If you don't already know by now, last week, I was a featured guest on a Ustream show on channel Wildstyle Live! The show is hosted by a good friend of mine and the show discusses DJ stuff including music and news relating to the industry. I was a guest last week and the topic of discussion was computers. We discussed the importance virus protection, PC upgrades and repair, and some other computer related topics. Oh yeah, and a little about some Macs too.

Anyway, since being on the show, my blog RChase Computer Consulting was accessed over 35 times just from a 1 hour show broadcasted live on the internet. Now I know from talking with DJ Wildstyle that his show is rapidly growing in viewers each month. Last month, over 19,000 viewers watched his show! Those are some awesome stats for a show that only has about 47 episodes thus far. So just by being promoted and talked about on DJ Wildstyle's show will earn my blog some good promotion too.

So, what does all this mean? PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION. Besides the help of Wildstyle LIVE!, Mastermindz Promotions helped out on Facebook. The more promotion you can give your business, the more visitors and exposure you gain from it.

If you missed me on the show, you can watch the episode again here:

Wildstyle LIVE: Episode 47

RChase Computer Consulting stats

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd write a short article about some websites stats to get ready for my appearance on Wildstyle Live! this Thursday. RChase Computer Consulting has been viewed over 24,000 times since April of 2008 (beginning of blog) with an average daily view of about 28. I know that may not seem like alot to most people, but I amazed when I look at the stats and what people search for to find RChase Computer Consulting. One of the most popular pages is the article that I wrote about using the HP System Recovery disks. Another popular page is about converting a VHD file to XVA format. I know, it sounds boring, but apparently, people are still searching on how to do it.

Anyway....I am not bragging at all. Like I said, I am amazed at how writing a few tech articles can turn into something so needed by others out there. I read many tech blogs myself and appreciate them when I find an answer to a problem. So my goal is to help others the same way.

RChase Computer Consulting has been viewed all around the world, just take a look at the map below:

Ok, I hope this helps get to know me a little bit. I look forward to chatting with some people this Thursday @ 8pm on WildStyle Live!

RChase Computer Consulting to be featured on Wildstyle Live Ustream channel

I know.....I have not written any articles in a few months. Honestly, I have spending time with my family and I recently took over the Media Ministry at Living Water Church. I've been re-designing the church website using Wordpress (sorry Blogger fans) and I may migrate this site to a wordpress site as well.

Today, I wanted to let you know that on July 22nd, I will be the guest speaker on my good friend
DJ WildStyle's show which is broadcast live on Ustream.tv every Thursday @ 8pm. On his weekly show, he discusses many topics ranging from current music news to of course DJ stuff! As his guest, I will be discussing computer issues such as PC upgrades, removing viruses and I may talk about a Mac or two since I recently got an iPhone.

Be sure to tune into
Wildstyle Live! on 7/22/2010. You can chat with us and I believe DJ Wildstyle may have some prizes for anyone that listens the following week.

Flawless Windows 7 upgrade

A couple of days ago I decided to upgrade my 3 year old Dell PC runnning Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional. I know what some of you are thinking, why upgrade to Windows 7 on a 3 year old PC, right? Well, there are two good reasons. One, I have a free copy authorized by my college and secondly, I need to learn as much as possible about Windows 7 so I can stay current with the times.

Now for the flawless upgrade information.....I inserted the Windows 7 DVD and ran setup. About 1 hour later, I had what feels like a brand new PC. Windows 7 is definitely faster than Windows Vista.....and all of my programs work perfectly. Infact, my Madden 2008 PC game runs twice as fast and the graphics are enhanced even with my current nVidia GeForce 8400 GS video card. The game ran OK under Vista but sometimes it would lock up on me.

So there you have it...at least one success story of a successful upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7. have you upgraded to Windows 7 yet?
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