Website Promotion leads to traffic increase

Hey everyone....
Ok, I promise to get back to some real tech articles soon. I just have to write this article about promoting your blog or website. If you don't already know by now, last week, I was a featured guest on a Ustream show on channel Wildstyle Live! The show is hosted by a good friend of mine and the show discusses DJ stuff including music and news relating to the industry. I was a guest last week and the topic of discussion was computers. We discussed the importance virus protection, PC upgrades and repair, and some other computer related topics. Oh yeah, and a little about some Macs too.

Anyway, since being on the show, my blog RChase Computer Consulting was accessed over 35 times just from a 1 hour show broadcasted live on the internet. Now I know from talking with DJ Wildstyle that his show is rapidly growing in viewers each month. Last month, over 19,000 viewers watched his show! Those are some awesome stats for a show that only has about 47 episodes thus far. So just by being promoted and talked about on DJ Wildstyle's show will earn my blog some good promotion too.

So, what does all this mean? PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION. Besides the help of Wildstyle LIVE!, Mastermindz Promotions helped out on Facebook. The more promotion you can give your business, the more visitors and exposure you gain from it.

If you missed me on the show, you can watch the episode again here:

Wildstyle LIVE: Episode 47


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