Still Using Windows XP?

Why? Ok, I guess I know the answer that most of you will give:

"It's stable."
"All my drivers are available."
"Windows XP has been around for so long, I trust it."

Ok, while those are valid and honest answers....the first two answers apply to Windows 7 also. The third will eventually apply, but why not take a leap of faith? The worst that can happen is that you put Windows XP back on your system and go back to a boring PC experience. Or you can get up to the 21 century by upgrading to Windows 7. Let me explain to you why I think it is a great idea to upgrade your PC to Windows 7, even if it is almost 3 yrs old or older.

I experienced a flawless
Windows 7 upgrade back in February of this year. And when I mean flawless, I mean nothing went wrong, nothing was missing. Everything just worked. Now, I did do an upgrade from Windows Vista, but even if you have Windows XP, you can still install Windows 7, you would just need to back up your data first and then install a fresh copy because there is no upgrade path from XP to Windows 7. I applaud Microsoft for this would be like upgrading from a bike with training wheels to dirt bike....they are not the same.

Anyway...since February, my Windows 7 PC has not crashed, bluescreened or locked up at all. I can not say that for when it was Vista. And even though Vista did not crash as much as XP did and still does for people, it was extremely slow and a huge memory hog. Windows 7 is not like that, at least for me. My 3 yr old PC feels like I just purchased it from Dell again.....6 months later....still feels like that.

Look, I know not everyone will be able to upgrade to a new OS without buying some more RAM or maybe a new video card but most likely it will still come out cheaper to do a custom upgrade than to purchase a brand new PC or laptop right now. Check out some prices and see if it will benefit you.


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