Google Redirect Virus Issues

Today I thought I would take a moment to discuss a serious issue that many of my friends and co-workers have experienced while doing Google web searches. There is something called the Google redirect virus which is an attack that hijacks Google search results and redirects the browser to unwanted malicious websites. The Google redirect virus is a well hidden malware program and its removal is nearly impossible under normal circumstances. Usually, TDL3 Rootkit or some other rootkit infection causes the Google redirect virus. It gets installed through a trojan horse and it hides your google search results and replaces them with spam advertisements or websites which promote malware or some other online scam. The Google Redirect Virus is not easily detected by Anti-virus programs and other security software and so its removal becomes even more difficult. By the way, it does not matter if you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, the redirect virus affects all 3. Some people have even said that it affects other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. I have only seen it affect Google searches.

I have come across this redirect virus over 30 times now and I've been able to clean it everytime. It is very difficult to clean manually so I recommend using an application known as
FixRedirectVirus - a particular application which has been developed by a computer technician within the UK to eliminate the redirect virus on your computer. The owner of the software is so confident that the procedure will work that he is offering a 60 day full money-back guarantee. It may be worth it to get this issue resolved as fast as possible before it gets worse.

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