IT Security focus

Hello everyone,
I know I have not written on this blog since January and I do apologize. There have been a few changes in my life since then so I just have not had time to write any articles. RChase Computer Consulting is still going strong and I am currently evaluating the best avenue to further continue this blog. One of the my changes in my life is the career path that is seriously interesting me these days....IT Security. I am currently going back to school to finish a BS degree in IT Security and hopefully I will also complete the CISSP certification soon thereafter. Over the past few months, I have done some IT Security related projects at my job and I very much enjoy this area of IT. I plan on continuing to write on this blog but with an IT security focus. Mostly this means I will start to focus articles related to firewalls, virus protection, hacker attacks, and PC security. I will still continue to consult about PC upgrades and repairs but IT Security will be the focus going forward. Stay tuned for what I am learning about IT Security.
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