IT Security BS Degree Completed, Now What?

Yes, I finally finished my BS degree in IT Security a few months ago (little late with the message, I know). I feel that I learned more about IT Security related topics in the past few months due to already being in the IT Security position at work so the last few classes were somewhat easy. My last course was Linux as I wrote about before so I've been concentrating on learning as much about Linux security as time will allow during work. We have a few Linux devices here but I've mostly been learning penetration testing and vulnerability scanning with the help of Kali Linux (formerly known as Backtrack). I've been successful on a couple of social engineering attacks on a lab network and just making sure I do what I can to be ready to do some real testing on our network when appropriate. I see how even the good hackers can get in trouble, if you do not know what you are doing, it is very easy to take down a network, PC or server. I'll post more soon with maybe an example of some of the tricks I've learned. 
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