HP Officejet Installation issues again

A few months ago, I wrote about having some installation issues with an HP Officejet 7680. Well, I might as well go on record to say that these installation issues occur with most HP Officejet models. I attempted to install an Officejet 6310 today and the same HP installation issues occurred.

At about 25 minutes into the 6310 install, the installer got stuck at 96% and stayed there for another 20 minutes or so before I gave up. This should not be the case. So I decided to unplug the USB cable, and suddenly, the installation finished!. But I was very suspicious so I opened the HP Solution Center and of course, I get the following message:

No HP devices detected. HP solutions Center will close now.

(So basically, the 6310 installation is now corrupt.)

Here is what did to fix the installation issues for the Officejet 6310, you can try it for the Officejet 7680 too, but good luck!

1) Remove all HP software from add remove programs.(in both cases, the client had older printers & scanners installed previously).

2) End any remaining HP****.exe tasks running in task manager.

3) Delete all HP and Hewlett Packard folders located in these areas:
c:\program files\hp
c:\program files\hewlett packard
c:\program files\common files\hp (or hewlett packard or both)

4) Delete all HP & Hewlett Packard registry entries found (do at your own risk).

5) Download latest full software package from HP.com for the correct model Officejet device.

6) Reboot PC and then install HP Officejet 6310 again using the file you just downloaded and not
the install CD.

I can not guarantee this will work for you, but nothing else I found online worked.

Did you have success? Let me know.


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